The Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) successfully hosted its 9th edition of the UAE Leadership Majlis. The prestigious event gathered more than 100 industry leaders, under the theme “The Potential and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI)” at the New York University Abu Dhabi, The Arts Centre, Abu Dhabi. The event also saw the launch of the MEPRA AI Guidelines; Developed by MEPRA’s AI Committee the guidelines aim to provide a framework for using AI for communications professionals in the Middle East. The guidelines are intended to be used alongside direction, policies, and references to help inform ethical and legal use of the technology in our working lives.

The Leadership Majlis explored the multidimensional aspects of AI, where it hosted experts from across the industry that brought insight through the diversity of their expertise and knowledge. The Majlis provided the optimum platform to explore opportunities and solutions for the communications industry in supporting the ever-evolving incorporation of AI in daily practices in the communications industry and beyond.

“At G42, we are deeply committed to shaping the future of AI, ensuring it acts as a catalyst for positive change. MEPRA’s event allowed us to have productive conversations about the opportunities and challenges brought forth by AI for communications and marketing professionals. AI is not just enhancing storytelling, streamlining processes and supporting creativity; it’s redefining our thinking patterns, consumer behaviour and the way we communicate with one another. Our dedication to advancing these technologies responsibly underscores our mission, as we continue to innovate with a strong emphasis on ethical practices and societal well-being in collaboration with industry associations,” commented Faheem Ahamed, Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at G42 Huda Buhumaid, Chief Impact Officer, Dubai Holding, and Jonty Summers, Managing Director, Hanover Middle East were honoured with the MEPRA Fellowship award for their outstanding contributions to the communications industry.

“As this year’s MEPRA Majlis concludes, we are pleased that this year’s theme ‘The Potential and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence’ produced profound discussions and insights that have emerged from our exploration of the event. It has not only served as a platform for thought leadership but also as a catalyst for actionable strategies within the communications industry. The engagement and enthusiasm from our community have been truly inspiring! Together, we have taken a significant step forward in understanding how AI can be harnessed responsibly to enhance our work and the businesses we support. MEPRA remains committed to leading these essential conversations, ensuring our members are at the cutting edge of communication trends and technologies.” highlighted Kate Midttun, MEPRA Chairperson and Founder/CEO, Acorn Strategy.”

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